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    Archive Plans

    As the Ministry of Plenty has graciously offered some insight into their plans for the insurmountable task of undoing the callous damage imposed upon our fair citizens by the war with the treacherous Nazis, which mind you it shall be hoped will usher in a glorious new era for our people, I as Minister of Information have found it appropriate to offer insight into the planned actions of the Ministry of Truth!

    Though the history of Oceania has long since been steeped in mystery, the Ministry of Truth has decreed that it shall be prudent to offer insight into the war and entities therein. In addition, information about the general role of our fair citizens' jobs shall be retrofitted to offer a streamlined resource for potential applicants to review if they forget their functions as cogs in our great machine.

    Here are the areas the Ministry of Truth shall strive to cover in the Archives:
    • Known history of Oceania and the contributions by the Party
    • History of the entities involved in the previous war, and their actions therein
    • Functions of the workers and how they contribute to the great state and earn their keep.
    • Further information about the well known war heroes who lead the charges
    • Information about the services available to you which have been created and maintained by the Party
    Misdirection is the key to survival, never attack what your enemy defends, never behave as your enemy expects, and never reveal your true strength, if knowledge is power then to be unknown is to be unconquerable.