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Tragedy in the Ministry of Plenty Triggers Reforms & Investigation

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    Tragedy in the Ministry of Plenty Triggers Reforms & Investigation

    Oceania morns today the loss of a prominent well adored citizen, Ling Ling, to unprovoked targeted racist gun violence. Preliminary investigations indicate that Ling was utilizing a Victory Vending Machine to purchase food for his family when deranged power hungry Minister Nixon S. of the Ministry of Plenty shot Ling several times in the back. Ling Ling was found to be unarmed with only enough money to purchase said food on him. The Great Leader has prompted a full transparent investigation of the incident and has indicated that Minister Nostra will lead the charge of reforms to greater protect all citizens. An inside source reveals that Nixon S. has several times requested a government issued weapon and was denied. We at the Ministry of Truth stand by citizens like the Ling family who had overcome so much hardship when they immigrated to Oceania from the horrors of East Asia. Rest In Peace Ling Ling. Stay tuned for more updates!

    ***THIS JUST IN ***
    The Great Leader's office has just issued several new laws aimed at reforming our great state!
    Originally posted by Section 16 - Firearms in Government Buildings

    Whoever is in the possession of a firearm, notwithstanding the status of a ‘license to carry’ as described by Oceanic General Law Chapter 6 Section 1, and enters a building that is identified as a government building, shall be punished by imprisonment for two hundred seconds plus the individual shall forfeit their firearms licensure, the exception shall be sworn law enforcement officers of Oceania. For purposes of the law, a government building shall be defined as any place that government / party officials report to work or conduct party business in : Police Precinct, Fire Station, Hospital, Ministry Building, Ministry of Plenty.
    Originally posted by Section 4 - Civil Forfeiture
    Whoever is found and proven guilty of a criminal felony under Oceanic law in the Ministry of Love Circuit shall, without exception, forfeit all currency printed and valued for the Oceanic public. This law, as it is written, shall be retroactively applied to all previous incarcerated persons and convicted felons known to still be active within Oceania, with not more than the total amount held at the time of conviction taken from the offender.
    Originally posted by Section 5 - Inner Party Firearms
    Inner Party members shall not be permitted to carry a firearm for purposes pertaining to their duties unless they can show a credible documented threat that is approved by the Great Leader's office & the Ministry of Love. This shall not pertain to the Great Leader nor the Minister of Love .
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