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    To Helix & Beyond

    We will be switching to a nutscript serious RP type framework called Helix. This system offers more stability, better optimization and higher quality roleplay opportunity than the current DarkRP framework. I think we can all agree that DarkRP sometimes doesn’t bring the best of GMOD. We are hoping that with the change to the gamemode we will have more serious RP’ers. That being said there will be some changes including to the economy, vehicles and jobs. We will work to mitigate the potential disruption and loss of features but part of progress is moving past some of the things that don’t work in favor of things that DO work. The change is expected in about a month or so any feedback will be highly welcomed.

    Planned Features:
    - Crime Families : Eurasian Mafia and the East Asian Triad. The Mafia will have the ability to smuggle in firearms and conduct hits. The Eastasian Triad will be more efficient in producing drugs.
    - Proles : The jobs will be simplified and be more realistic. This is all for better gameplay.
    - We will likely be switching to vFire system over our existing fire system.
    - Weapons can be smuggled at intervals (no more infinite buying at once) OR can be crafted from items found throughout the map.
    - Area system which will better help direct your emergency calls & help you figure out where you are in relation to the rest of the world.
    - Disguise system : Thought police have a habit of disappearing into crowds so they say.
    - Uniforms : This will enable police and other uniform based jobs to take off the uniform to be off duty
    - Stamina to prevent people from jumping / bunny hopping excessively .
    - IMPROVED New life Rule system . Just overall better and more refined than the existing one.
    - Much more (some existing features that are native to our DarkRP server have not been included in this list)

    Sssshhh The Koalas are watching.

    DarkRP is for raging mingy horny twelve year olds. I approve of a more serious RP.