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    Awesome Amazing April Update

    - Vending Machines Ref# 0000774 & 0000790
    - Oil Drilling Ref#s 0000733 & 0000740
    - Added police baton per request Ref# 0000795
    - Updated weapon list & more period accurate guns Ref.#787
    - Altered respawn times.
    - Updates to item drops Ref.#761
    - PER request removed backpack shortcut with ctrl + e Ref,#738
    - Italian Mafia is now Organized Crime Ref.#781
    - Backend Content Pack Improvements Ref.#s 726, 775, 780, 782
    - Altered tax system

    Going forward:
    - We have disabled the ammo menu from the F4 because we plan on simplifying the number and types of ammo. Ref # 0000802
    - We will unveil ID cards 2.0 Ref # 0000801
    - Overhaul the pay system Ref # 0000793 & 0000777
    - Add an easy rules reference page Ref # 0000783
    - Resolve items not saving after death Ref # 0000784 (Awaiting dev response)
    - Limit the effect of a player dying while handcuffed or arrested Ref # 0000735
    - Implement a CCTV update Ref # 0000791
    - Re-add Chevy C10 after resolving VCMOD compatibility issues Ref # 0000652 (Awaiting dev response)
    - New scoreboard Ref # 0000703

    4/9/2020 Change Log
    - New and Improved Property System
    - Entity Delivery System (Purchased entities via the F4 menu now get delivered by package to your property!)
    - New Vehicle Dealer with Car Insurance
    - New Vehicle Customization
    - Car Chop Shop Ref # 0000322 & 0000812
    - New Scoreboard Ref # 0000703
    - Overhaul of Mafia, addition of Triad Ref # 0000810
    - (4) New Cars
    - New money texture

    - Italian Mafia / Eurasian Mafia can now purchase some firearms
    - Corrupt scientist is now officially part of the Eurasian Mafia
    - Talking and yelling distance has been increased.
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes, tweaks, and fixes
    - Consolidation of some packs. Ref# 0000814

    - Removed old playermodels for ministers (star wars) Ref #0000808
    - Old car dealer system

    4/28/2020 Change Log
    - Hard New Life System added, if you die you will loose inventory, wallet and character unless revived by a paramedic, or doctor. See archives for details. Ref # 0000834

    - Fixed Property System Ref # 0000818 & 0000827
    - New Deathnotice Ref # 0000844 & 0000843
    - Resolved meth glitch with Triad Ref # 0000824
    - Updated the archive with more relevant up to date information Ref # 0000732 0000716 0000617 0000601 0000600 0000598

    - Talon's Cars due to glitches/instability Ref # 0000823

    Thanks to an awesome community who helps test and report bugs as they come up!
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    Sssshhh The Koalas are watching.

    About time that backpack was getting annoying when you were trying to perfect your build and suddenly boom! Disappeared on ya! THe police baton was a nice re-add I was sad when you removed it.


      A brief overview of changes :
      The Eastasian Triad is a new organized crime family that is competition with the Eurasian Mafia. There is important distinctions between these two groups. The Eastasian Triad gets bonuses towards meth production and can purchase more combiners and filters than the traditional scientist. Furthermore all of their members are able to produce meth. The group also benefits from being extremely insular and only deal with Asians but uniquely allows woman to join the ranks. This makes it more difficult for undercover operations to attempt to infiltrate.

      The Eurasian Mafia formerly the generic organized crime family / Italian mafia officially recruits the aid of a corrupt scientist if they wish to participate in the drug trade. Their grunts (mafioso's) lack the ability to produce drugs. They can purchase some firearms through their sources, although their prices tend to be more volatile than a traditional arm's smuggler. The Mafia also can participate in collecting bounty's something that the Eastasian Triad lacks. The Mafia lacks the ability to produce meth in the same quantity or quality that the Triad is able to.

      New car system: The new car system allows for players to be car dealers and make a profit on the markup on the vehicles that they sell. Furthermore there is a simpler repair system built in which benefits those that purchase the insurance package. For about 25% the value of your car it covers most repairs and auto theft. NOTE : Insurance repair jobs take longer than going to a traditional mechanic. Additionally if your car is stolen you will permanently loose said car unless you have insurance. If you have insurance you loose the car for a period of several days but it will be replaced after that period free of charge. Moral of this story is that you do not want your car stolen because the consequences are quiet real now.

      We have a new property system as well. This property system has many of the same features however an interesting component is a refreshed user interface and a new delivery system. Now instead of your entities randomly being spawned from the heavens, when you buy something from the F4 menu it will be delivered to your property. We may also start restricting it so that if you do not own a property you cannot spawn F4 menu items so that way it becomes a required RP component. We may also experiment with prohibiting spawning of props outside of your owned property. This would again encourage ownership of properties and prevent random trash being spawned. Groups / Certain jobs could be exempt from such actions. Again this is a potential feature we may enable.

      WE plan on the future adding trucks & trailers so stay tuned because this feature will be added very soon!
      Sssshhh The Koalas are watching.